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  1. CrazyChineseChick

    DK Online Roster

    Because name limits in game so I change my in game name to :CrazyChick By the way, sometimes I will ask my friend to help me kill some monsters. But he can't express English very well, so if anyone really have questions or problem need to talk to me immediately ,please feel free to use Discrod to contact me. See ya Best regards, CrazyChick
  2. CrazyChineseChick

    DK Online Roster

    In game name:CrazyChineseChick (If there are word limits then "CrazyChinesChick") Class:Warrior A little bit about myself:I have played the old version of DK online (Aeriagames).I really miss the faction battle(RVR).But I heard that it has been canceled now? Anyway,My English is not very good, but I still hope to meet new friends here.I consider myself an easy-going player, but if I have done something wrong or said something wrong, please let me know and I will try my best to improve it. See you soon.