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  2. FliP

    Application WaldFee

    It seems like the applicant changed his mind, as he is inquiring at another Guild. #Closed
  3. FliP

    DK Online Roster

    It seems so, as there are no factions anymore, as far as I have seen on the Korean version and CBT. Maybe, with some luck, factions are introduced later in the game or maybe just at max level? We'll see. The Ruemon Arena still has guards there, so there might be hope.
  4. FliP

    DK Online Roster

    We still have 17 days until release, but I just want to plan ahead and see how many members we will have at launch. Please reply to this topic if you plan on playing DK Online with us and post the character name you will use, so we can contact you in-game when the time comes.
  5. FliP

    Application WaldFee

    Hallo und Willkommen ;) Die Beta ist schon fast zu Ende, aber schon am 20.2. geht es wieder los. Es wird auf jeden Fall spannend, denn der neue Developer scheint auch aktiv zu sein. Es finden auch alte Spieler täglich zurück zu DK Online und viele der Gilden, die vor 6 Jahren gespielt haben, sind auch schon dabei.
  6. FliP

    "New" game!

    Hello there, We will be present in DK Online, a "new" old MMORPG that will open doors on February 20th! We welcome anyone to join us in our journey for castle domination 😉 To tell you a bit about DK Online and why we are playing it. We used to play DK Online for the brief few months it was available. It is a fantasy PvP-oriented MMORPG that was originally published by Aeria Games in 2012. Due to optimization and performance issues, the game was put on hiatus until issues were resolved. Unfortunately, the developer abandoned the game and the game was lost, which was a questionable decision, as DK Online was one of the Top10 Most Played MMORPGs in Asia at that time. Now, 6 years later, a new developer called Masangsoft, which some may know from games such as GunZ and RaiderZ, has taken over the project. Other than bringing it back to life, they also plan on developing new features and expansions. The game does not compare to modern MMOs in terms of gameplay and mechanics, but needless to say it is a very sentimental game for us and the game simply does things right. It's a simple design, tab-target combat in a medieval inspired fantasy world. We hope to see you on February 20th! 😉 Kind regards, FliP