Who are we?

We are Eternal, a Guild that focuses on a tight-knit community.
The main focus of this organization is to provide our members with the tools and opportunities they deserve to get maximum enjoyment from the game. We are a community which plans to fully invest ourselves in all facets of the game, be it PvE endgame raids, advanced and organized PvP, life skilling or crafting.
Eternals primary focus will be driven and progressive success in the realms of PvE Progression raiding and PvP Domination. We seek to be the servers finest and give our members the tools necessary to achieve maximum results.


What do we offer?

Family-like atmosphere

We want our members to fit right in and don't feel like strangers. We care about our own.


We enjoy group content and strongly believe that success is only possible if we work together to achieve our goals.


We will always treat our members with respect, according to our set guidelines. We distribute resources to those that need and deserve them. However, we are not a free handout guild. Everything you gain will have to be earned.


We offer opportunities to learn, progress and master your character and skills, as well as progress within the ranks of our guild. We notice dedication and hard work and know to reward it accordingly.


What are we looking for?


We are looking for players that are dedicated to the game, their character and their guild. We are constantly improving ourselves and except you to do the same.


As a Guild we will constantly progress and we expect this from our members as well. There is always room for improvement, whether it is your gear, skills or play style. We are looking for members that are commited to be the best they can.


We want our members to be at their best manners, to guild mates and enemies alike. We believe that all fair contestants deserve respect of a high regard. Unfair behavior will not be tolerated, but instead of foul words, we show action.


We want all members to have fun and enjoy the game. This is the reason we have gathered after all!

How to join?

If you would like to join us or just want to hang out, feel free to join our Discord. Our Discord is open for everyone.
To become a Full Member and gain access to Guild channels on Discord, please fill out our Application Form:


By all means, contact us. We are always listening...